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Construction Litigation


Saying you practice in the area of construction litigation means little if you do not have the technical and professional skills required to work with contractors, engineers, and architects.

The lawyers at Watts, Donovan & Tilley, P.A. do. Their level of expertise and experience in the courtroom are known and respected in both the legal profession and construction trade. WDT has represented a wide range of clients involved in construction disputes. Our list of clients ranges from dirt movers to general contractors and from architects to international construction companies.

Professionals in the trade cannot afford to be mired in litigation and the Firm of WDT is well aware of the truth of the adage, “time is money.” From the time we first become involved in any dispute, the lawyers at WDT look at the bottom line. All work is done with an eye toward early resolution of the matter while recognizing that every case must be handled as if it will go to trial. That view allows us to better represent distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors, contractors, owners, and architects while ensuring strong, professional, and zealous representation.

Our experience in construction litigation includes design disputes concerning electrical, hydraulic, and fire suppression systems. We’ve been involved in numerous lawsuits over excavation and foundation issues, drainage problems, exterior insulation and finishing systems (EFIS), mold removal and prevention, HVAC and other mechanical systems, commercial, residential and municipal sewage systems, recreational flooring systems, warranty issues, and professional malpractice associated with the construction profession.

We regularly represent individuals and companies in arbitration, mediation, and civil actions.